My Mission

I believe that we each are born with a unique set of gifts, that when activated will bring the greatest fulfillment this life has to offer.  In return that fulfillment will send positive energy that will ripple out into the world.  

My mission is to help individuals that feel the call to something more; 

tap in and extract the beauty that's waiting to be discovered.

Life is an adventure.  We can either approach it with dread, just waiting for the next vacation, or we can step into it and live out the adventure of our lifetime.

Life is a beautiful Journey. I hope you Venture Well


"Wild Thing"

Nature is my greatest teacher.  I've spent years adventuring Into the Wild, seeking and searching for the deeper meaning in this life.

Venture Well is an invitation to meet me on this journey; to begin your own great adventure that will lead you into a life Most Fulfilled.




Wild Diaries:

 Stories *Musings * Inspirations* Philosophy



Join me for weekly musings:

My intention for this podcast is to share true pieces of me

that I hope inspire true pieces of you to ripple to the surface.

What I Do

I support individuals as they unlock

I've studied a variety of modalities, but most of what I share with my students comes from a deeply rooted intuitive space.  I work with the higher energies to draw in the tools that are relevant for each session I share in a private session.

A session with me has been digested as "spiritual therapy".  I'm in no right a therapist or a doctor, because I will never offer anyone a cure.  What I will do, is hold space as my students open up about the current flux and flow of life.  Together we will find the places and opportunities where expanded awareness can be integrated and in doing so they continue the work of their personal healing journey.  Some days this looks like my unique 'Regressive Meditation', breathing techniques, journaling exercises, or anything else that we may be guided to.

Intuitive Meditation:

I was intuitively shown this  regressive meditation in 2018 as a way to support my friends + clients tap into their own Inner Voice that has helped guide me through my

Wild journeys.

Energy Work:

Long before I was formally attuned, I was being shown how we have the power to shift energy in our bodies. I love exploring the limitless boundaries of energy with my clients and how they can easily be empowered to tap in as well.


Prana = Life Force

Yama = Restraint/Control

Pranayama expands our awareness around our Breath.  A deeper connection to our breath + the quality of it can be one of the easiest tools to discover a deeper quality of life.

Psoas Release

The muscle of the Soul; the Psoas (sō-as) Muscle often times holds onto our unprocessed emotions + traumas.  When things go unprocessed in our body it can built up as chronic dis-ease and tension.  Working with the Psoas we can release for peace.

I've been waiting to chat with you!

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