Step Forward with Good Fortune


WHAT is a Blessingway Ceremony?


A Blessingway Ceremony has traditionally been used to celebrate an individual entering a new role, taking a new path, or during a major transformation.  It is meant to ensure good fortune and bless the guest of honor as they step forward onto this journey.

WHO are Blessingways for?


Mama-to-Be ● Bridal Showers ● Graduations ● Going Away

Host a Blessingway for your next celebration!


Jessy Raspiller's services include full guided experience and all the materials to propel your guest of honor into the next chapter of their life.



●Consultation to customize the ceremony + rituals

●Supplies needed for rituals

●Day of setup

●Approximately 2 hour ceremony guided by Jessy


Held at The Mama Cocoon


This is the perfect solution to host a group of your closest friends without disrupting your own home.  Let Jessy and The Mama Cocoon set the scene for you.


●Pricing includes everything the “Blessingway Ceremony” package


●Plus 1/2 event rental at The Mama Cocoon

Goddess Ceremonial Paint


●Pricing includes everything the "Blessingway Ceremony" package


●Alexis from Work of Heart Facepainting will arrive before our ceremony to adorn the group with custom face paint and biodegradable glitter designs.

●All biodegredable glitter and organic products used

We'd love to be a part of your next gathering!

Call or email for customized pricing based on your group's needs.

Blessingway Photography: Nicole Wise