• Jessy Raspiller

{2020} Wild Diaries :: Almost Home

“Home has less to do with a piece of soil and more to do with a piece of Soul” -Pico Iyer

When I first began this journey I felt restless and as thought I didn’t know where I belonged. I faced this deep reality that if I took off, I might never come “home”… or at least not to the greater sense of what I’ve know Home to be.

As I began to drive the idea of Home really plagued me. Miranda Lambert sang “you can never come home”. Sayings ramble “home is where the heart is”. But the thing is I’ve traveled about this world and continue to find myself in a sense of Home all over this plant.

  • I was born and raised in Cave Creek, Arizona which will always be a place I call Home.

  • The first sense of home that I had outside of my childhood residence was my grandparents ranch in South Dakota. Spending the summers wandering and freely exploring thousands of acres, I found this greater sense of what I was capable of; riding a horse, driving a rusty pickup through a narrow opening, hooking a fish on a cane pole, waking up at sunrise to feed the feral cats, and whipping up a fried chicken meal.

  • In 2011 I received the great invitation to move even further West. All fear aside for an unknown place, I always had had this greater sense that the coast of California would be my Home. It wasn’t until I drive down Main St in Downtown Ventura that I knew where I’d always belonged. While the first few years here I str