• Jessy Raspiller

{2020} Wild Diaries :: Day 5

For me seeking my dreams has felt like a note being played, that only I can hear.

So I choose dance to the beat of my own unique drum.

As it turns out, it takes 1200… miles that is to crack!

Yesterday, I arrived to the place that pulls me inward every year. I pulled into this sweet sweet home away from home blaring the Lion King soundtrack “naaaaahhhhh siquinyaaaaa, boba da vitchita ba, quinyaaa yay”…. or so I say. I’m sure we all chanted our own version of this song as kids. We didn’t know the words and it really didn’t matter. We FELT the essence of what it was offering us.

I giggled and laughed for the last 3 miles of the drive. Belting out lyrics I haven’t sang for decades. Time having erased most of the words, I had to just laugh as I made up what I couldn’t remember.

When did we stop being so carefree?

When did we stop singing at the top