• Jessy Raspiller

{2020} Wild Diaries :: Day 9

If your mom ever told you not to talk to strangers… I’m going to ask you to throw this ideology out the window right now!! Some of the most important turns I've made in my recent life have come into play because I asked a perfectly good stranger a perfectly random question.

I’m typing to you from one of those strangers balcony outside of Zion National Park. Today, as I took off from my little corner of the world (aka Idaho) I sent a text that an old me would have never sent. I would have been too nervous to impose or would have felt like I was over stepping social boundaries. But before I share, let me give you the background story.

In 2018 I left Idaho, dropped my friends off in Salt Lake City airport, and spent a few days catching up with my aunt and uncle. As I left SLC I found myself driving south on this very strip of Highway. Months before I took off, fate would intervene and sign me up for a women’s retreat in southern Utah. However as my journey progressed, I began finding every reason in the world to skip this retreat. I did everything short of forfeiting the money I’d invested, trying to get out of this retreat. After I was denied a refund, as much as I thought I was supposed to drive to Moab next, I decided I was being Divinely forced to stick to these previously made plans. So alas I drove south, onto some dirt road in hot, Souther Utah, that pulled me up to a home that seemed like it wasn’t even on a map. I had no option but to surrender to whatever the next 4 days held for me.

As I parked next to an over grown Juniper brush and got out of my car, I heard the chatter of the other women that had arrived before me. I suppose part of me felt nervous to be around a large group of people, knowing that I was on this trip to isolate and go inward. I began to walk towards the residence, but before I could get there a women stopped me with a smile as she setup a tent. I too had chosen to tent camp as my lodging option over the indoor acco