• Jessy Raspiller

My Yoga Story

My yoga story began through a chance conversation in an office lunch room in Phoenix, AZ. Over 12 years ago I had a chat with a colleague that would be the catalyst to send me out into the world curious and thirsty to learn more.

As I share on this weeks Wild Diaries podcast, my yoga practice unenthusiastically began in college, but my life of yoga began 12 years ago with this very conversation. Over lunch my friend shared with me this workshop she'd participated in the week prior. Her account of this class shook me to the core. I couldn't fathom the experience she'd had in a yoga class and I wanted to understand how it was possible.

She mentioned this 'Psoas (so.as) Muscle' and it's ability to grip onto our life events, but especially painful emotions and regrets that we weren't ready to let go of. These experiences build up overtime and are often the catalyst for chronic pain we hold in our body and the things that leave us feeling as though we're stuck. This movement class took here through a series of postures that would eventually lead her into this final pose that had the ability to begin to shift and literally SHAKE around what was trapped in the body.

The questions swirled around:

  • How do emotions get trapped in our body?

  • How is the body capable of such involuntary reactions?

  • What would this feel like to let go of some of the "weight" I carried around?