• Jessy Raspiller

{2020} Wild Diaries :: Introduction

Nature is the greatest teacher I’ve ever know. It saved me from an ordinary life that was drowning me and showed me how to live EXTRA-ordindary.

As I launch Into the Wild for my 3rd year, I realized I've missed an opportunity. This adventure was always meant to be something I shared as a deeper form of inspiration. I had all intentions of doing so when I took off in Year 1, but I quickly realized that there was so much internalized work that I needed to focus on. Sharing too quickly would have hindered and distracted me from the healing process. While that healing journey will be a lifetimes worth of work, I feel it's time to extend more of my story and all that has transpired by this time that I spent in the Wild.

I’ll be sharing here, this years journey with you intimately. Through daily expressions of lessons learned or sparks of inspiration that found me.

Sharing WHY, HOW and WHAT these adventures really are.

In addition, my podcast is shifting, and while I’m still referring to it as Lunatic Love, I see this Wild evolution of how I’ll be sharing my time with you. Make sure you’re subscribed