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Private Sessions

Make time to breathe.

Reconnect with your light.

Private sessions allow me to take what I love and make it personal to what YOU need. 

My work at it’s core is yoga, but it surpasses the traditional practices that we find in an everyday yoga class.  Many of us are surprised to learn that as we dive into a yoga practice, the practice has a lot more to it than the physical postures we perform on our mats. 

For me yoga has been a life altering experience— living the elements of yoga so that it is not just something I practice, but it has become a way of life. These practices that I share are the tools I've personally integrated into my life to fulfill what I know as My Yoga practice. Let me share with you what has allowed me to develop and define my life's greatest work.  

My private sessions include but are not limited to:

  • Asana- the movement of yoga is a powerful practice regardless of your pre-conceived notions of how your body can move.  Find the practice that works for your body.

  • Breathwork- a transformative experience.  Lay back and let your breath guide you.

  • Regressive Meditation- connect to your intuitive voice in a way you never knew possible.

  • Psoas Release- there is so much I'd love to tell you about the psoas muscle, but for starters if you experience back pain, tight hips, tension in your knees, neck, etc there is a likelihood it relates back to this muscle.

  • Deep Soul Writing- in a technology-driven world full of endless distractions, the easiest connection we can find to ourselves is by putting pen to paper. Allow yourself to be vulnerable on the pages before you and work out thought and emotion through writing. 

I look forward to sharing this journey with you + walking alongside of you in this adventure we call life!

Jessy Raspiller