True Self

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“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you; if you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you”  -Stephen Cope

The True Self is the discovery of ones true purpose in life.


Who are you when you're stripped bare?  When you pull back all the layers? All the labels?  All the conditions?


Who are you at your core?

For some individuals the identity around what they were meant to do in this life has always been clear.  For others it’s this internal and external struggle of what comes natural and what it feels like they “should” do is just out of grasp.


If you feel like you fall into the later group, you’re not alone.  The building of awareness around this is when you began to feel restless in what you’ve always done.  You begin searching with little guidance or knowing of what it is you’re even looking for.  You yearn to help, to support, and even save others.  Maybe you’ve explored or even signed up for countless trainings/workshops in areas of interests in hopes to find what feels missing.  You’ve read all the books by Brene, Gabby, Glennon, and Liz.  You can feel everything that they’re saying, but every time you try to “step into the arena” you feel __________ [overwhelmed, lost, scared, maybe tomorrow].


Why?!  When all you have is love in your heart and this yearning desire to create something, does it seem you cannot extend it in the way that is most fulfilling?

Let’s go sideways for a moment to partake in a good old fashion Cosmo Quiz:

“Which Type of Truth Seeker Are You”

It’s your best friends birthday and she/he is hosting a laid back gathering at their house for their closest group of friends and family.  What role do you play at this event?


You arrive early to help setup and cook.  You spend a good hour catching up with ramblings of Aunt Emma, before you realize most people have already left.  You stay after to help wash up the dishes and get the run down of the nights evening from your friends perspective.


You’re right on time and as you walk in your outfit is complimented. You brought your favorite bottle of wine to share, accompanied by a charcuterie platter that should be in an oil painting.  You spend the evening sharing stories about your recent travels and giving out your best kept destination discoveries.  


You’re 30mins late, because you made a last minute stop by a co-workers house to borrow their karaoke machine.  As you walk in everyone greats you with excitement that you’ve arrived. You think how fun it’ll be to see everyone’s personalities come out through the songs they choose.


You snuck in and no one quite knows when you arrived.  You’re the one that already has the towel in your hand before everyone else realizes the drink spilled.  You make your Irish goodbye as you help someone into an Uber that you called, noticing they had too much to drink.


You weren’t able to make it and you will be missed.  You looked forward to this all week, but as the evening rolled around you realized just how exhausted you are and need to honor that for yourself.  You’ll take your friend out to an intimate dinner next week and catch up on the party + life's musings.

Truth Seekers:

As we look at the dispositions above we probably see ourselves sprinkled throughout each of these Truth Seekers.  For a moment, I invite you to notice how your mind likes to categorize things.  Notice how it wants to fit into which role is 'best'.  Instead, bring a greater sense of awareness to the roots of  each of these attributes.

Curious to learn more about these roles?  

We will be exploring them LIVE in September as we dive into the True Self.

Beginning to recognize a 'True' sense of ourself requires looking down the rabbit hole of the False Self.  That self that has been entrained upon us, so as to show us where we belong and what we 'should' be doing to thrive in this life.

A false sense of self comes from the perceived fears we have about the world.  They start out simply to keep us safe and give us boundaries to play in, by reminding us to 'look both ways before we cross the street'. But eventually these perceptions become the navigational force that teaches us how we should earn a living, what type of mate we seek out, and how we fit into the social aspects of this world. 


We learn to navigate and move through life pretty well, as this narrowed field of view becomes our normal.  But, as mentioned above, often there becomes this unshakeable feeling like something is missing.  Like we’re walking blindly through life missing the greater awareness, that is as simple and yet as challenging as washing the lens of the viewpoint we we’ve become accustomed to.


In the duality of Nature, if we seek out the True Self, we must do so by looking at everything that opposes it.  In doing so we cleanse the lenses of our looking glass until all we see is the True Nature of Ourself.

Join me on this 5 week LIVE adventure as we explore our greater sense of Self.

We will dive in and extract the essence of each of the Truth Seekers mentioned above as we take an introspective approach to discover what it is you have to 'bring forth'

Launching in Sept 2020

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